What is a Subsidiary as a Service?

A Subsidiary is a company controlled by a holding company in another region. Because it has complementary operations of the parent company, as the ideal nearby extension for innovation, testing & developing new delivery practices with more agility and competitive costs.

A Subsidiary as a Service is a framework for your operation which has a similar approach as a Software as a Service (Saas) Model:

  1.  Obtain the benefits immediately. Companies don’t need to wait months to start benefiting from the solution, they can start in days for a faster time to market.
  2. Less expensive. With Saas, the startup cost goes down abruptly as you don’t have to install infrastructure or hire an inhouse team to support it. By sharing common resources, you don’t need to hire local specialists full time, you use specialist as needed, as a shared service.
  3. Scale when is needed. Don’t need to buy the full solution and a package of users that you don’t know when you will start using each functionality and how many users you will actually use. Adjust accordingly with our economy of scale.
  4. Shorter contracts. Not sure of a long-term commitment, sign shorter periods and pay monthly as it is used.
  5. Any company has access to it. Saas was created so Small & Medium Enterprises could access the solution benefits that the big corporations have (more on M&A Alternatives)

A Subsidiary as a Service has the added advantage that is a safer path when entering a new geography, as Everscale minimizes potential risks & liabilities of the region. 

Everscale enables a unique framework for a strategic Subsidiary with full capabilities, which includes a scalable local operation team with industry savvy executives for GTM strategies. It can add delivery teams with different engagement models. 

When a Subsidiary-as-a-Service is recommended

  • When the company is not ready to commit to a certain market for more than 5 years.
  • Planning to start the operations with less than 20 employees.
  • Need a team and resources quickly, instead of waiting 2-3 months.
  • Prefer to pilot the region, before investing a large expansion budget.
  • Need temporary capabilities in other technologies.

Subsidiary as a service benefits

Alternatives for starting an operation in a new region:


Figure 1.  Comparison between different models available in the market.

Subsidiary as a Service as an M&A Alternative


Today’s trends in M&A, reflect that companies are seeking to be more innovative and responsive to customer needs, but they need to stay agile. The challenge is how to add new business practices to realize these objectives under frameworks that work best for each industry.

The whitepaper "Grow beyond standard business models – An Alternative on M&A" examines the use of alternatives to enter a new market and adding business capabilities for growth.  It uses a current example of a company operating in this new niche, born in the heart of the digital transformation economy. 

Companies that are using this model

 The Industry of Enterprise Application Service Firms is one of the first using this business model, as the access to a new geography plays a big role not just for a new revenue stream but to gain a competitive edge by updating their delivery models (Nearshore/Offshore) and adding  talent pools.

This type of companies, like the SAP Partners, need to maintain an agile operating model that can scale as needed in size, capabilities and geography.

Everscale Group is the leader in Subsidiary as a Service in this particular Industry. Their customers are SAP Partners & Solution Providers looking to add a new scalable operation in Mexico for US Delivery or to enter Latin America via Mexico as a new Go To Market.

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